Stutterphone V.2

Looping Rotary Phone Killswitch Fuzz

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The Stutterphone is built upon one of my oldest pedal idea. Originally taking apart vintage rotary phones and simply passing the signal through the inside mechanics to use both the rotary dial and big red button as killswitches.

In the new Stutterphone V.2 the signal is never mechanically broken. Instead the rotary dial and big red button are connected to a microcontroller that controls a "silencer" I have designed. This is to avoid the pop sounds occuring when mechanically cutting an audio signal.

For the first official Magpie Pedals Stutterphone I also designed a fuzz. This is of course included in the Stutterphone V.2! But I have added a clean mix so you can dial it in yourself. (I also tweaked the volume knob to double as a clean boost).

Additionally the Stutterphone V.2 now has two different modes of operation (Press and hold the bypass footswitch for about 1-2 seconds to change mode):

Red Mode (Manual/Original): Manually use the big red button or rotary dial to either silence your signal or let it pass through (depending on the backmounted red button).
The Stutterphone V.2 always starts in RED mode when powering up.

Green Mode (Loop): In loop mode you can record up to 10 moments of silence/signal on a constant loop. These moments can range in time, but can only be recorded with the big red button (not the rotary dial).
The loop lenght is controlled either with the clear mini pot or with a 5V CV Clock connected to the 3.5mm jack on the back. With a clock source connected you can use the rotary dial to "skip" steps. Simply dial up a number and the microcontroller will disregard that number of clock steps before it restarts the loop.

Lastly there is now also a red button on the back of the Stutterphone. This button inverts the function of the microcontroller. Meaning that the Stutterphone is set to silent and only lets audio pass through on "button presses".


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