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Here you can buy all the electronic things that I make with my hands. Guitar pedals, synthesizers and other experimental music things. All designed and produced by me in my little studio in sweden.

New Album! While working tirelessly on magpie pedals I have also (thanks to your support) been able to put alot more time into producing music. Resulting in my biggest album project by far to date. So I figured I should put a link here in hopes that some of you are interested :)

Thank you!

The Magpie Pedals Story.

I started Magpie Pedals in the spring of 2021 with the help of my friend Horseman. He helped me understand breadboarding and schematics and together we made the first magpie pedals.
The idea of running a boutique company has been my dream for a long time (If you know me from my youtube videos then it will come as no surprise that I have a lot of experimental ideas).
But with no education in electronics and limited time due to running Magpie only as a hobby, it always felt pretty far fetched.

However after the small success in the start of 2021 I finally felt like it was worth going for it. So in the the summer of 2022 I also found the curage to quit my regular job to run Magpie Pedals full time!

All thanks to you lovely supporters of my work! Thank you.

Handmade By
Simon The Magpie

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