A Very Dirty Microphone

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Smootch is a contact microphone run through a wild fuzz circuit to make it sound as dirty as it looks!
It might seem like a pretty random creation with little logic to why it exists, but it actually has a pretty nice story. It is based on my song "Rainbow" from my "Kind Of A One" album. That song was started in a video where I build a ukulele out of a guitar pedal kit and a contact microphone. At the very end of the video I start singing into the ukulele body and it turns out it sounds absolutely dirty fantastic!

This I had of course completely forgot, but I was looking back through my old videos trying to find all the ones where I make music for that specific album. And when I saw this again I felt a strong urge to create my very own microphone to be able to have that sound available at all times! Distorted dirty vocals is so nice. So I'm making at least a couple of these if you want to explore that sound as well. Or if you simply enjoy smootching some electro acoustics.


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