Feedback Organ V.2

Electroacoustic Tube Instrument With Sequencer Control

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Comes with a ⌀15mm, 5m tube to easily cut yourself (shipped seperately).

The feedback organ is the result of some of my wild experiments with no input techniques and talk boxes that I have performed over on youtube. The idea is simply to try and tame the sounds of connecting a microphone to an amplifier and pointing it at the speaker.

I decided to make a very visual design with two 3D printed covers full of holes. These holes are on the one side covering a 2W speaker, and on the other side covering individual microphones. Meaning that you simply connect a microphone to the speaker with a tube of preferred length and then play around with the feedback.
Each microphone has its own volume knob and button+switch to either play (kinda lika a keyboard) or latch.

Furthermore I decided to also implement electronic feedback loops in the circuit together with a classic PT2399 delay and drive circuit for the speaker. Even with a dedicated external input where you can play whatever you want into your feedback organ and completely distroy that signal through pvc tubes. 


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