Bubbles V.1

Bubbles is a sequencer controlled PT2399 delay.
It came about an idea I think I remember having had for a while. Controlling a delay with a sequencer always seemed like a great idea to me since I love doing drastic changes with a time knob on delay pedals.
So I introduced the idea to my friend horseman who had built a big sequencer box with CV out to control other gear.
Naturally what we did was simply take this big box and connect it straight to a old simple PT2399 pedal I had laying around and the concept of Bubbles was a reality within minutes.

The design took a while longer. Being able to fit both a sequencer with its controls and also the delay in a fashionably sized enclosure was quite the challenge for how early this was in my pedal design ventures. Especially considering how sensitive the PT2399 has turned out to be with noise and other artifacts in my experience.
In the end I decided to go for five steps in order to give it something a bit more artistic than four, but that would still fit in a nice sleek single row of mini knobs, and put two different colored LEDs below.
 Then I went about coming up with what is probably my own personal favorite knob design. Clear knobs with colorful 3D printed plastic inside and under. Cause it really looks like bubbles!
On the first batch of units I even dripped paint in the same colors on the backplate.

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