Stutterphone Limited Black

Vintage Rotary Phone Stutter Fuzz

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  • Stutterphone Limited Black
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The Stutterphone is first and foremost a repurposed vintage rotary phone. The phones original mechanics are rewired to cut your input signal. An effect usually reffered to as a "killswitch". Both the big red button and the number dial does this.

I have also added a Fuzz that comes before the signal is cut. Perfect for creating a sort of manual glitch effect.

I source the phones locally, so the amount of units I am able to make is based on how many phones I am able to aquire.

The phones vary in both age and usage. So possible cracks and other signs of the previous owner is to be expected. But I make sure to clean both the plastic and the mechanics before I start the conversion into Stutterphones. so they are all equally fully functional!