Magpie Pedals Legacy Pedals (not for sale)
A big part of making things is to move forward and no longer make things one used to make (or something like that).
And since I am a one man operation I constantly have to both prioritize and sacrifice.
So on this page I collect all the Magpie Pedals history! Every pedal that I have made but no longer create, each with it's unique and (hopefully) inspiring story.


Harmonic CMOS Synth Fuzz


Force Controlled Lofi Delay

Weird V.1

Input Controlled Lofi Delay

Happy Little Accident

Happy Accident CMOS Synth Fuzz

Stutterphone V.1

Rotary Phone Mechanical Killswitch Fuzz


Double Lofi Delay

Bubbles V.1

Sequencer Controlled Lofi Delay

Bit Pirate V.1

Monophonic CMOS Synth Octaves


LFO Controlled Lofi Delay

The Intern

Big Knob CMOS Octave

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