Winter Offers

Winter Offers

Winter is coming! And to combat the cold here in the north I have decided to add some "Special Offers".

During the last weekend of october 2022 Magpie Pirates celebrated the 6th MAGPIE FEST. In honor of this I launched my very first super sale and had some (personal very biased opinion) great offers on my creations.
After this I came to the conclusion that I want to have a more permanent solution for running sales and creating deals. So I created the "Special Offers" tab in the webshop!

Here I will put pedals that maybe have a new updated version or are themed in a way that makes it fun to create a story around a supersale. Cause what's the point of a great deal if it's not a fun deal!
So please enjoy both the sounds and the sentiment! (and of course the price,hehe)

All the best, Simon The Magpie

2022-11-04 13:52